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Two Thumbs Up

I am simply amazed of how it literally melted the rust stains before my very eyes.

I have a ten year old car that is well maintained both inside and out but the New England seasons sometimes takes its toll , the snow and salt still managed to sneak up on my under chassis.

I tried a lot of different rust remover but nothing worked like Rusterizer.
My review is independent and I am just a happy customer and want to share the experience to people out there like me. Two thumbs up for this best helper ever!!
Used on 10 Year Old Car

I Really Love This Product

I really love this product, but I am having a problem with the sprayer head. Once I use it and put it away and try to use it again the spray will not work. I have to keep buying spray heads. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to solve this problem? Thank you
Alice L. Delaney
Loves It, But Needs New Sprayer

Great Product

Received today and could not wait to try it. I had a large rust spot running down the side of my stucco home.

I knew what caused it an air conditioner that needed to be flushed out. It’d several people look at it and ride all kinds of of methods to get rid of it .

In fact I tried bleach and water nod hd someone ty pressure wash it. It was still there until today. It is now gone gone.

I sprayed Rusterizer on it and couldn’t believe my eyes it just disappeared. I then hosed the area. Thank you for a great product.
Frances TuFfy
Used on Stucco

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Used by professionals, hotels, and now available to the public. Rusterizer is a safe rust, calcium, and lime remover. Here are some common asked questions by new customers.

The formulation will not harm plants, grass, or vegetation on contact.

Although, it is highly recommended to do a wash-down to remove any residual product left from the work area.

Sizes and Coverage:
32 oz : Square Feet Covered: Up to 300
64 oz : Square Feet Covered: Up to 500 – 600
1 Gallon Jug (120) oz: Square Feet Covered: -1000
5 Gallons Pail (600) oz:: Square Feet Covered: -5,000

Shake well first. Then test small area.

1st: Apply/Spray area that requires treatment.
Optional: Use wire brush to remove old rust stains

2nd. Repeat till rust stains, calcium, lime are removed

It’s that simple, literally spray or apply to area and watch Rusterizer neutralize rust, calcium or lime before your eyes.


Deal Of The Week

Remove Rust, Lime, & Calcium Without Heavy Scrubbing.

  • Neutralize Rust in Seconds
  • Does Not Damage or Harm Plants
  • Used by Professionals To Cut Labor Costs