Corrosion in Pipe Led to Falling and Suing

Antonio Marco Torres is an industrial worker. However, on May 24, 2011, he met an accident that he related to a corroded underground piping. For that, he filed a lawsuit on December 7 against the Eastman Chemical to which he worked for when the incident occurred.

In the suit, it was stated that Torres was about to retrieve his working tools when the ground underneath him collapsed. It is said that the corroded underground piping that remained unrepaired caused the ground to give in.

For that, Torres accused Eastman Co for negligence. Particularly, he accused the company for failing to provide him proper assistance and equipment for the job, failing to provide a safe working place, failing to implement procedures that would protect him and other workers and failing to monitor the condition of the place he was assigned to work.

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An industrial worker has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Eastman Chemical that claims an underground pipe caused the ground to give away and resulted in his falling into a hole.

Antonio Marco Torres filed suit against Eastman Chemical Co. on Dec. 7 in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. His wife, Estella, is also a plaintiff.

The incident occurred on May 24 while Torres was working for Gregg Industries Insulators. He and his co-workers were instructed to repair a steam leak near a room on the grounds of the Eastman Chemical Co. plant in Longview. The suit states Torres was walking back to his work truck to retrieve tools, the ground underneath him collapsed, which caused him fall into a hole.


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With rust comes the weakening of a metal structure or item. And just like what happened in Texas, it can cause accidents that could put someone’s life at risk more than just causing minor injuries.

Hence, an inspection for corrosion must always be implemented on metal pieces and surfaces. At the first sight of rust build-up, a swift action to treat it must then be observed. But what good is a plan to implement an immediate treatment if you don’t have a rust remover that is surely effective?

And so before you implement your rust removal process, see to it that you have a rust removal product first. But apart from just being effective, your rust remover must also be non-toxic for a risk-free bed bug treatment.

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Tips to Make Metal Items Survive the Winter

Winter is soon coming. And during that time, there will be many metal items that won’t be used for weeks or even months. If you allow those items to just stay idle for too long, corrosion could get the best of them.

Your bike and garden tools are examples of the things that often turn rusty over the winter. Given that moisture is almost everywhere especially with the presence of snow, rust formation is very hard to avoid. That doesn’t mean though that it is impossible.

With some steps, your metal items can survive the cold and moist winter. That also means that you prevent any unnecessary spending at the end of the season. But what are those steps that you must take?

Well, first off, make sure to hide your metal pieces in a cool dry place. Also, you need to check and clean them regularly to avoid even the smallest rust build-up to turn into a major corrosion.

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Winter is just around the corner, and many of your favorite toys will be sitting idle for months. You want to protect and repair your gear so it will be ready to go next spring.

Things with wheels and engines typically require the most attention because they can sustain serious and expensive damage during winter.

We talked to experts and got some good advice on how to winterize your gear.


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With winter comes a bigger possibility for many metal items to get rusty. With care and a trusted rust removal product though, rust formation can be prevented. But which rust remover should you get.

Among the many rust removal products in the market today, the one made of organic ingredients is the best that you can use. Apart from effectively treating rust, it can also keep you from chemical-related illnesses that you might get from conventional rust removal products.

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Tiny Rust Spots Put Liberty Ship Model in Jeopardy

The turning-20-year-old Liberty ship model in Brunswick (Mary Ross Waterfront Park) is being laid on the line due to old age. Rust spots, wears and tears proved that the 22-foot model needs repair.

Because of the historical significance of Liberty ships, the model needs to be well-taken care of. The tiny spots of rust present might spread and eat up the whole stuff. Goodness, there is now a reliable rust remover that could save the historical figure and projects its worth for its 20th year. Could this be the best rust remover out there?

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The Liberty ship model at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick turns 20-years old this month and is in need of a touch-up.

The elements and handling by admirers have caused some wear and tear to the 22-foot model, which has been on display for past 15 years at the city park.

“Some of the rigging on it needs to be redone and some rust spots need to be taken care of,” said Arlie McNeill, a member of the Golden Isles Council of the U.S. Navy League.

“You see, people let their kids get up here when they take their photos and it messes up the rigging. Still, for being out here all this time, it’s held up pretty well. We haven’t had much problem with it.” McNeill chaired the model’s construction committee and was reviewing records of it when he realized the 20th anniversary of its creation is Aug. 23. He checked its condition and noticed it needed repairs.

McNeill keeps an eye on the model after the original, which was used by welders in the 1940s to help build Liberty ships, was lost.

Liberty ships were built in Brunswick between 1942 and 1944 and were set at sea in convoys to transport goods and munitions to Europe during World War II. Ninety-nine of the ships were built here before the end of the war, with the model called the 100th ship, McNeill said.


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Not all rust remover solutions that claim they’re effective mean they really are. We should rely on which product experts trust. Rust is a common problem that it can occur on surfaces like metals, concrete, etc. It can be a simple eye-sore but it can spread in no time and cause major damage.

Rusterizer is the number one product most experts rely on. It has the power to remove rust in less than a minute and protect the surface from the comeback of rust. As its consolation, it is not hazardous to the health of people as well as to nature. It is a natural rust solution, 100% non-toxic and guaranteed effective and safe.

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Want to Boost Your Profit? Know Why 8 Out of 10 Homeowners Prefer Green Rust Treatment

Rust is an all-year-problem. Any month, any day and any time it can appear and cause damage to any item or surface. However, unlike before, more homeowners now prefer the green treatment over the chemical-based. If you are a rust removal contractor, that’s something to seriously consider for bigger profits.

Deliver Safe Rust Removal Process and Earn Big with a Non-Toxic Rust Remover

With a green process is always the assurance that it is safe. And because it is safe, it poses no risk to health and the environment. Because of that, 8 out of 10 homeowners now prefer green rust treatment over the conventional process. That’s according to one survey just recently conducted.

And with that data, sticking with the conventional and chemical-based rust removal will surely have a big blow to your business. Imagine how many possible clients you can lose just because you fail to adapt a green rust removal process.

Why Make the Switch to Green Rust Treatment?

Summer had always been the perfect time for home repairing. However, not providing what clients now need can have you waste the opportunity to earn big. After these summer months, instead of enjoying the profit you’ve gained for hard work you could end up brainstorming for ways to make ends meet. And I mean not just for your business.

But as with everything else, there’s a way to get past that. And in this case, that way is to transform your rust removal process to something that will meet the standards of your clients – green and safe.

The question though is – how will you do it? The answer is quite easy – use organic-based products in your rust treatment. But then again, are there products that can have you execute an effective and safe rust removal?

Of course, there are! Check out Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor. If you haven’t heard about them yet, well, it’s time for you to know about the wonders they can make.

  • Both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor are none like the conventional rust removal solutions. They are 100% non-toxic.
  • They also promote wellness because of their Green Bean ingredients found in remote areas in the world.
  • They are easy to apply. No scrubbing needed. All you need to do is directly spray the products to the rusted area.
  • They work on various surfaces including wood, plastic and glass.

But are they effective?

Certainly, they are! Both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor had been proven safe and effective by several lab tests. Both are even ranked #1 in the lists of top rust-removal products and anti-corrosion solutions respectively.

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