Pre-Holiday Rust Cleaning In Your House

Halloween is over, which means it is now officially time to kick it into gear to get ready for the holidays and to get your house ready for company. Holidays is year round can be stressful as you scurry to fix shop for food, fix meals, and decorate as well as make sure the house is spotless. But Thanksgiving and Christmas always seem to be the most stressful especially if you are having family and friends over to dinner. It really helps to get your house in order now because if unexpected company comes you won’t get caught off guard. Then you can concentrate on baking, finding gifts and organizing activities without having to worry about deep cleaning your house again until after the New Year.

People will be fussing around the kitchen most of the time during the holidays so its better to get a head start cleaning your rusty pots and pans.  A rusty cast iron pot can look hopeless. The sight can make you wonder if it will ever be usable again. Fortunately, in less than a day, a rusty cast iron pan can be reclaimed better than new if you invest a bit of elbow grease to the task

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Time, clutter and house guests are the three biggest challenges to getting your home ready for holiday visitors. During the holiday season, company is constantly coming and going. Keep your home clean on a regular basis by having a variety of quick-clean tools on hand. It is coming up on the Holidays and it is never too early to start with your preparations. You don’t have to wait until the last minute to start getting ready. You can avoid stress and have an enjoyable Holiday. A little advance preparation can help your Holiday celebration go off without a hitch.

Cast-iron pots are ideal for cooking because they conduct heat evenly. They can also be passed down from generation to generation: When properly seasoned, a cast-iron pot will not rust. If a cast-iron pot has not been properly seasoned, however, or it has gone unused for a period of time, rust will form. Removing this rust from your cast-iron pot and then seasoning it can easily turn a rusty pot into your favorite pot. Store cast-iron pots without the lids to prevent rusting. Always dry immediately after washing. After washing, place the pot on low heat and lightly coat it with vegetable oil. This will maintain proper seasoning. Steel wool can be used to remove rust from cast-iron pots. Soaking the rust stains in cola can remove them from cast-iron pots.

Whether house cleaning is part of your resolutions or not, it’s important to get the ball rolling after the holidays to start the year off fresh. Learn to dismantle your decorations for easy storage and access next year. Get off to a clean start this new year by getting your house back in shape. The hectic holiday season may have caused a stir, but with a little effort, you’ll be back on track before you know it. From degreasing your kitchen to safely storing your decorations, follow this guide for cleaning house after the holidays. If your new year’s resolution is to clean house, what better time than now to get the ball rolling? With these helpful tips, your space will be fresh and ready to start the year clean!

Tiny Rust Spots Put Liberty Ship Model in Jeopardy

The turning-20-year-old Liberty ship model in Brunswick (Mary Ross Waterfront Park) is being laid on the line due to old age. Rust spots, wears and tears proved that the 22-foot model needs repair.

Because of the historical significance of Liberty ships, the model needs to be well-taken care of. The tiny spots of rust present might spread and eat up the whole stuff. Goodness, there is now a reliable rust remover that could save the historical figure and projects its worth for its 20th year. Could this be the best rust remover out there?

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The Liberty ship model at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick turns 20-years old this month and is in need of a touch-up.

The elements and handling by admirers have caused some wear and tear to the 22-foot model, which has been on display for past 15 years at the city park.

“Some of the rigging on it needs to be redone and some rust spots need to be taken care of,” said Arlie McNeill, a member of the Golden Isles Council of the U.S. Navy League.

“You see, people let their kids get up here when they take their photos and it messes up the rigging. Still, for being out here all this time, it’s held up pretty well. We haven’t had much problem with it.” McNeill chaired the model’s construction committee and was reviewing records of it when he realized the 20th anniversary of its creation is Aug. 23. He checked its condition and noticed it needed repairs.

McNeill keeps an eye on the model after the original, which was used by welders in the 1940s to help build Liberty ships, was lost.

Liberty ships were built in Brunswick between 1942 and 1944 and were set at sea in convoys to transport goods and munitions to Europe during World War II. Ninety-nine of the ships were built here before the end of the war, with the model called the 100th ship, McNeill said.


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Not all rust remover solutions that claim they’re effective mean they really are. We should rely on which product experts trust. Rust is a common problem that it can occur on surfaces like metals, concrete, etc. It can be a simple eye-sore but it can spread in no time and cause major damage.

Rusterizer is the number one product most experts rely on. It has the power to remove rust in less than a minute and protect the surface from the comeback of rust. As its consolation, it is not hazardous to the health of people as well as to nature. It is a natural rust solution, 100% non-toxic and guaranteed effective and safe.

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Rusted 40-year- old Light Post Must Come Down

The Luftin Independent School District board of trustees received the news that the 40 year-old light post at the Abe Martin Stadium must be repaired.

The news couldn’t come at the worse time since the board is facing a $1.4 budget deficit. Nevertheless, they have to make an urgent decision for the rusted light post is posing danger to people who are using the stadium.

Based on the cost estimate made, the board will be spending at least $ 350,000 for rust removal process. They might be looking for the best rust remover. The board also found out that the light post is not the only structure that is rusted, but also the handrails at the area where a concrete had fallen off.

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“Halyard said the sign must come down. The Sideliners Club and the school district will decide where to place the sign at a later date.

“To resolve the situation, Kingham said they would power wash the concrete, caulk joints, apply grout under the stands and put on a waterproof deck coat. They would also repair handrails that have rusted and areas where the concrete has fallen off, or spalled. The estimated cost is approximately $350,000.

“It’s not so much about aesthetics but about functionality,” Kingham said. “It will give the stadium a face lift, however, and make it impervious to water.”

School board president Trent Ashby said he would like to wait for a year before addressing the concrete situation at the stadium. That would put the district in a new budget cycle, and give the board the opportunity to budget such a large project rather than spending money from the bond project or out of the fund balance.

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Rust is an expected sight in a 40 year-old light post. However, no matter how old any rusted item is, it needs a treatment especially if it still got a specific function to fulfill.

And when doing the rust removal process, it is a necessity to use the right rust removal product.  That right product is basically the one that is eco friendly and non toxic. Aside from keeping you away from chemical risks, it also helps preserve the environment. What other kind of rust remover can be better than that?

Keep your rust treatment safe and effective. Get an organic rust removal product now!

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Rust Paralyses the US Air Force

TheThe Cadillac of Diesel Locomotives Air force may be the picture of steadfastness and resilience, but when rust invades their air crafts and missiles officers can only shake their heads and admit defeat.

Based on a report made by the Defense Department in 2009, the government spends $ 5.4 dollars every year in order to prevent and correct corrosion on air crafts and missiles.

Rust is a pesky parasite that attached itself on metals and feed on it until there is no life left to the host. Rust can attached itself to anything metal, if the item is left untreated, surely doom will follow. We all know that metal is quite an expensive material to buy, it’s just pity that if not taken cared of rust will eat it all away.

Rusting of metal is a natural occurrence. It is a product of oxidation when a metal is exposed to moisture. A natural phenomenon it may be, it can be very destructive that it can even paralyze the US Air Force. But removing rust can be an expensive work. However, leaving it untreated is a more costly mistake.

But if you are a victim of rust or should I say any of your metal item is, don’t fret. There are rust removers now available in the market. They cannot only save Air Force money by correcting rusted equipment but they can also give you a way to solve rust problems in a non-toxic and environment friendly way.

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A lot of the time it is questions about how they can do things faster and cheaper,” noted Senior Master Sgt. Scott Pagenkopf, the Air Force corrosion program manager. “We have the experience on almost anything out there.”

They have their hands full. A recent Defense Department study completed in 2009 showed that $5.4 billion are spent every year to prevent or correct corrosion on aircraft and missiles.
The current war in Southwest Asia is not making the job any easier. The sand, dust and salt air all take their toll.

“A study we did several years ago showed the sand over there to be more corrosive than the sand we find in our desert environment,” said Gutierrez. “The sand particles are much finer.”
The preferred sand-removal technique in the battle zone is vacuuming rather than washing. “If we mix that sand with water, it can create a worse corrosion environment,” she pointed out.
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Rust will always happen to metal. However with proper care, treatment and use of the right rust removal product, you can save your precious metal pieces. There are already a lot of rust removers in the market. Needless to say, the best is the product that is non-toxic and eco friendly.

Just imagine how many aircraft and missiles the Air Force can save and how much money you can cut from repairing your metal items if you pick the right rust remover. And think about the chemical-related illnesses it can save you and your family from.

Save your metal items now with an effective and safe rust remover.

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Elementary School to Spend an Exaggerated Amount for Rust Damages

You can’t just imagine how rust has eaten up the parts of Elk Elementary’s indoor pool. The damage caused by rust for many years was decided to undergo renovation that is to be spent with $631,000!

The rust has accumulated chlorine buildup and has eaten the main door and the steel roof. The budget for renovation isn’t a joke. It couldn’t have gone that worse if only the school’s maintenance paid more attention to the early emergence of rusts. They could have saved more if the rusts were immediately suppressed from scattering throughout the indoor pool.

Think how much the school could possibly save now that the most effective and eco-friendly rust remover solutions are already out. No worries for the school board and for the parents because Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor –voted as number one- have been providing 100% toxic-free rust remover solutions for years. Ever since, both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor are safe for everyone and friendly to the environment.

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The school board recently voted to spend $631,000 for renovations to the school system’s only pool.

With the help of Kanawha County legislators, Bradley obtained $75,000 through a state community partnership grant.

This is the first major work done on the pool since it and the school were built in 1980.

Workers contracted by Oval Construction Management Services started working on the pool this week and were setting up scaffolding on Tuesday.

They will use the scaffolding to remove rust that has accumulated on the ceiling and doors.

It had gotten so bad that fallen flakes of rust had to be skimmed from the pool each day before students could get into the water.

Rust has eaten through one of the double doors that serve as the main entrance to the pool. Rust continued to fall from the ceiling as crews started dismantling the ventilation system and ductwork.


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It is in general, that prevention is truly better than cure. First symptoms of rust should be given immediate actions. The search for real effective and safe rust remover and anti-corrosion solution is over with Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor at reach.

Aside from their tested and proven powers, these products are cost-effective than other brands the fact that they provide same effectiveness on woods, plastics, glasses and other surfaces. Truly Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor deserve to be the number one choices of contractors and homeowners.

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