Rust Gone from Garden Shears in Seconds

Searching in her garage, Lenny was hunched in a corner looking for their garden shears. She will need it to trim her garden shrubs. It was just less than a week when she worked on them and now they’re again in need of trimming. But she doesn’t mind, she said. After all, gardening, in a way, helps keep her in shape she added. But what she mind is the rust in the tool. Thinking if there is the best rust remover out there.

It was just a few days ago when she bought and first used it, she shared. However, brownish rust stains already formed in its two blades. But only minutes after finding the shears and the rust in it, Lenny was back in her garden doing the trimming. And that’s thanks to rust stain remover Rusterizer according to her review.

With Rusterizer, Lenny related that rust removal was made much easier for her. In seconds, she testified that the rust in her shears was gone. She said she was even surprised to know that the product was actually made with organic ingredients and recommended it to all those who are into gardening.

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Rusty Water Got Montgomery Residents Complaining

Residents of Boulder Hill, Montgomery in Chicago are in a predicament. For months now, they are getting rusty water supply after a well in the village pumping system malfunctioned. Having enough of it, they confronted the village officials about the problem.

It was last November when Well 14 failed. To accommodate the water needs of the affected residents, the flow of the water was changed. However, the pipes where the water had been directed were long not used and with rust deposits hence the rusty water problem.

During the Village Board meeting last Monday, residents blurted out their need to get the water issue resolved. Some of them even brought a sample of the rusty water they were getting for the trustees to examine.

On the other hand, Public Works official, Michael Pubentz, said that they are moving quicker to get well fixed.

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Angry residents are confronting village officials with complaints of children having their hair turn orange, clothing beginning to smell and possible health concerns caused by rusty water coming from village pipes.

For the past few months, rust has been a major topic in the Boulder Hill area after a well malfunctioned and the village started pumping water from other locations. Although the affected area is in the unincorporated Kendall County section of Boulder Hill, residents have a Montgomery address and receive water from the village.

Well 14, near the Foxmoor subdivision in Montgomery, broke down on Nov. 19. Officials immediately changed water direction from other wells to accommodate the needs of residents in the affected area served by the well. The rust is the result of change in water flow through pipes that have not been used recently, village officials said. Rust deposits on those pipes are the initial cause of the problem.


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Rusty water is not directly linked with adverse health effects. However, they can cause a lot of inconveniences. Hence, water pipes must always be free of corrosion.

But, pipes are not the only things prone to rust formation. Almost all metal items are. In fact, even concrete and non-concrete pieces and surfaces are also prone to rust stains. To get rid of either the stain or the rust itself, a rust remover is needed. For a rust removal process that is safe though a green rust spray must be your like. And one of the best that you can get is Rusterizer.

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San Diego Water Pipe Ruptured Because of Rust

Water pipes are some of the most-prone things to rusting. And as they age, they become more and more vulnerable to corrosion and breaking away that you need to have an effective rust remover. And broke away is exactly what happened to one of San Diego’s water piping. You should always know where to find the best rust remover.

Just last Wednesday, an 8-inch cast-iron pipe in the 6400 block of Celia Vista Drive ruptured. The broken piping released a high-pressured water that pushed through a residential street. And so, repair crew of the Sand Diego Water Department shut off the water service at 11:15 of the same day, said Arian Collins of the water department.

16 residential homes were affected by the said incident. And all of it, the rupture of the piping and the cut-off of water service to more than a dozen houses was caused by corrosion to the said 50-year-old or older water pipe.

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More than a dozen eastern San Diego homes were without water service Wednesday after a corroded water main ruptured and pushed through a residential street.

The 8-inch cast-iron pipe broke about 10:25 a.m. in the 6400 block of Celia Vista Drive, near Rolando Boulevard, according to Arian Collins of the San Diego Water Department. Repair crews had the water shut off by 11:15 a.m., he said.

When the pipe broke, high water pressure forced it up through the pavement, Collins said.

The area around the break was closed while crews worked to repair the rupture, which was expected to be completed about 6 p.m., he said.


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Exposure to moisture of metal items can lead to rust formation. And with water pipes exposed to moisture all the time, it’s easy to say that it just takes a little time for them to get corroded. Hence, they must be always inspected and rust treated.

However, regular rust inspection and treatment of rust must be applied not just to water pipes. Those processes must be implemented to all metal items and surfaces.

To make the rust treatment safe and effective though, you will need the help of Rusterizer, the green rust remover. With its biodegradable ingredients, it can surely have you implement a rust treatment that works and that doesn’t put anybody’s health at risk.

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Coast Guard Cutters Rusting Away

Moisture leads to rust formation. That’s a fact. And based on that, it’s pretty easy to conclude that rust is one of those that give the coast guard a lot of troubles that require them to have an effective rust remover. One, in particular, that is suffering from corrosion’s destructive effects is the US Coast Guard Cutter Bear. If only they know what’s the best rust remover to use.

Launched in 1980, the said ship was built to last for three decades. However, after just 21 years, it is already undergoing a $10 million worth of repair. And just to give it another 10 to 15 years, officials are counting on upgrades and repairs.

With all the damages that rust brings to the cutter, Cmdr. William Lane, commanding officer of the ship said that it was always a struggle for them to keep the boat fit for patrolling. The worse part is that Cutter Bear is not the only coast guard ship that needs rust treatment. With funds not yet available though, most of the cutters will have to wait longer to get fixed.

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Cmdr. William Lane climbs down a steep ladder deep within the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bear.

Stepping over a pipe with paint blistered and bubbled by rust, the commanding officer ducks into a narrow storage area beside the hull and shines a flashlight into a dark corner mottled with rust, the smell of corroded iron mingling with diesel fuel and saltwater.

“I’m not sure how far into the hull plating it goes,” Lane says as he peers into the void two feet below the cutter’s waterline.

No water can seep in now. The 270-foot Bear has been in dry-dock at the Coast Guard Yard here since October, where it is undergoing a $10 million overhaul scheduled to last until May. When it was launched in 1980, the first of a class of medium-endurance cutters (WMEC) designed for search-and-rescue and law enforcement, the Bear was built to last 30 years. Now officials are counting on repairs and upgrades to give it another 10, maybe 15, years on patrol from its base in Portsmouth, Va.


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Rust spurs problems. It weakens metal items and structures thus making them prone to cause accidents. And same with US Coast Guard cutters, the damages corrosion brings cost a lot of money.

But since it is quite difficult to prevent rust formation, the next best that you and other property owners can do is to avoid the corrosion from getting worse. And to do that, you will need Rusterizer. But why Rusterizer out of all the rust removal sprays?

Simply, it’s because Rusterizer promises a safe rust removal process. Because of its all organic ingredients, it can deliver a corrosion clean-up that’s effective as well as safe.

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National Corrosion Control for Helicopters Now Open in Missouri

Rust is one of National Defense’s long-time enemy. It’s been costing the government a huge sum of money for repairs annually. And so to counter its destructive effects on Army’s Black Hawks, a corrosion center was opened last December 19 in Missouri.

The National Guard facility is officially called as Corrosion Control Center. It is a part of the National Guard’s Theatre Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group in Springfield-Branson National Airport.

The center is basically a helicopter repair facility providing corrosion control services to Black Hawks. As one of four helicopter maintenance supports in the country, it will be supporting 14 states or regions. Its crews’ basic function is to strip the aircraft of paint, inspect for rust, treat and to re-paint it.

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A ribbon-cutting Monday marked the opening of a National Guard facility supporting the U.S. Army’s Black Hawk helicopters.

It’s called a Corrosion Control Center, part of the National Guard’s Theatre Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group out of Springfield-Branson National Airport.

The Springfield facility provides maintenance support for a 14-state region. It’s one of only four like it in the country.

“”The reality is, we’ve never painted aircraft at this facility, of this magnitude,” says Richard Lawrence, allied trades foreman. “We used to paint air frames at the AVCRAD shop, however, not on this magnitude. It is a big deal. It’s awesome to be a part of it and support the 14 state region.”


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Like the helicopters, any metal item or surface is prone to corrosion. Thus, all metal pieces need regular inspection. However, if rust had already formed, an immediate rust removal treatment is a requirement.

Rust removal though will not be effective without the help of a rust removal solution. Nonetheless, not all available rust removers can provide positive results. And so, your rust removal product must be well-picked.

For a rust treatment that’s both effective and safe, opt for a non-toxic rust remover. And one that can be sure save your metal items all while protecting your health is Rusterizer.

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