Rust Closes 50- year-old Lake Street Bridge in Elmira

The 50-year- old Lake Street Bridge in Elmira has been closed for traffic for more than five months already. Based from the routine inspection conducted, the steelworks supporting the structure is eaten by rust and need a rust remover.

According to the City Council, they need roughly $2 million dollars to fix the bridge. Moreover, an additional $ 1 million is needed for the amortized interest spread in 20 years. It’s quite a sum, reason for the delay of the repair of the bridge. If only they have knowledge about the best rust remover.

However, the Friends of the Lake Street Bridge is urging the City Council to fix the bridge the soonest time possible. They are worried that the bridge might remain closed forever.

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“The state Department of Transportation conducted a regularly scheduled inspection Monday of the Lake Street Bridge in Elmira that has been closed for more than five months.”

“In explaining the bridge’s problems in an Aug. 3 memo to City Council members, Burin cited an engineer’s report outlining issues, including holes in diaphragms that support the structural deck, joints that are misaligned and leak, rusted bearings that support structural steel, rusted downspouts that allow water to drain onto structural steel, deteriorated primary structural steel members and heavily rusted utility supports.

It would cost about $2 million to fix the bridge so it could be used by vehicular traffic, plus an additional $1 million in interest amortized over 20 years, Burin said.

However, the Friends of the Lake Street Bridge, a group that opposes closing the span to vehicular traffic, has urged City Council to fix the bridge.”


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Rust is a telltale sign of the wear and tear of any steel structure. However, in the case of Lake Street Bridge, the presence of rust is not a good reason to resign the structure. The City Council of Elmira just need the right rust removal product to restore the bridge back to life.

Good thing there is a product called Rusterizer. This organic product is developed and formulated to be tough cleaning agent against rust and corrosion. Since Rusterizer is made of 100 % biodegradable ingredients, it safe to human and the environment.

Buy only organic rust removal product.

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Want to Boost Your Profit? Know Why 8 Out of 10 Homeowners Prefer Green Rust Treatment

Rust is an all-year-problem. Any month, any day and any time it can appear and cause damage to any item or surface. However, unlike before, more homeowners now prefer the green treatment over the chemical-based. If you are a rust removal contractor, that’s something to seriously consider for bigger profits.

Deliver Safe Rust Removal Process and Earn Big with a Non-Toxic Rust Remover

With a green process is always the assurance that it is safe. And because it is safe, it poses no risk to health and the environment. Because of that, 8 out of 10 homeowners now prefer green rust treatment over the conventional process. That’s according to one survey just recently conducted.

And with that data, sticking with the conventional and chemical-based rust removal will surely have a big blow to your business. Imagine how many possible clients you can lose just because you fail to adapt a green rust removal process.

Why Make the Switch to Green Rust Treatment?

Summer had always been the perfect time for home repairing. However, not providing what clients now need can have you waste the opportunity to earn big. After these summer months, instead of enjoying the profit you’ve gained for hard work you could end up brainstorming for ways to make ends meet. And I mean not just for your business.

But as with everything else, there’s a way to get past that. And in this case, that way is to transform your rust removal process to something that will meet the standards of your clients – green and safe.

The question though is – how will you do it? The answer is quite easy – use organic-based products in your rust treatment. But then again, are there products that can have you execute an effective and safe rust removal?

Of course, there are! Check out Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor. If you haven’t heard about them yet, well, it’s time for you to know about the wonders they can make.

  • Both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor are none like the conventional rust removal solutions. They are 100% non-toxic.
  • They also promote wellness because of their Green Bean ingredients found in remote areas in the world.
  • They are easy to apply. No scrubbing needed. All you need to do is directly spray the products to the rusted area.
  • They work on various surfaces including wood, plastic and glass.

But are they effective?

Certainly, they are! Both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor had been proven safe and effective by several lab tests. Both are even ranked #1 in the lists of top rust-removal products and anti-corrosion solutions respectively.

With the fact that they work on various surfaces, you can also save yourself from purchasing various kinds of rust removers. That can have you save and earn more!

So what are you waiting for? Get both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor and transform your rust treatment into a green process now! Don’t let the opportunity to earn big pass you by!

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Home Repair Contractor Accused of Fraud Due to Rusting Gutters, Walls and Water Pipes

It’s summer again. Apart from time for relaxing, it is also time for home repairing. If you are a home repair contractor, that could mean more projects for you to work on. However, don’t be too sure. If you can’t provide a quality service, the big profit that you might be expecting this summer could turn to cold and hard stone especially if not using the best rust remover in the market.

Take what happened to one home contractor who got sued over rusting gutters, walls and water pipes. Days after his repair, already rust re-appeared on the house’s gutters and water pipes. Rust stains also were seen on the walls. With those, he was accused of being a fraud. And now, he and his business are being questioned.

Provide a Quality Service With This Effective Rust Remover

As a home repair constructor, surely, you wouldn’t want to experience the same thing. Financially, it will hurt you. And with how fast the words now spread it could put your business at the bottom of the heap. You could’ve been save by using a rust stain remover.

So How Do You Avoid It?

The answer is pretty simple. Do a good job. With a repair service approved by your client, you can surely make a big profit. Additionally, it will bring in more customers. Now just imagine how many good things you can buy with it for your family?

But then again, how can you make sure that your service will meet your client’s standard? One basic rule to follow is to use quality materials. Opting for cheaper supplies will definitely just put your work at risk. And if you are to repair metal items, better use Rusterizer.

Rusterizer? Just what it is? Basically, it is a rust remover – a spray solution that was specifically formulated to get rid of rust and rust stains effectively and safely. The use of it will enable you to:

  • Repair metal-based items effectively and easily
  • Get rid of rust stains on other surfaces, apart from metal, as concrete and plastic

Specifically, for your business, it can:

  • Make you earn a bigger profit as you don’t have to repeat treatment
  • Boost your company reputation

It could be toxic though, you might say.

Well, the good news is that it isn’t toxic at all. As it has been earlier mentioned it is safe. And basically, the fact that is made of 100% organic ingredients is what make it risk-free. That speaks about posing no threat to the environment, to you as the user, and to anybody who gets in contact with it even to your pet.

Get The Profit-Booster Rusterizer Now and Earn More With Your Home Repair Projects

So if you want to earn more to provide your family’s every need, make your home projects effective. To do that, make sure that Rusterizer is in your materials and supplies list. It can effectively and safely get rid of rust, so rest assured that it is a great help.

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Malden’s Rusting Pipes Causing Inadequate Water Pressure and Insufficient Volume

Malden’s water mains is more or less a century old. And after a very long time of service, they are already rusting and essentially need replacements. It is time to use the best rust remover there is in the market.

The rust on the city water mains had basically narrowed the pipes’ diameter from six inches to two inches. As a result, residents had been experiencing inadequate water pressure and insufficient water volumes.

Sure, if the rusting is thin, a rust remover could have been enough to solve the problem and the city wouldn’t need too big of a funding. But with almost 4 inches of rust formation, replacement of the piping seems to be the most efficient solution.

To collect the money needed, the City Mayor, Richard Howard, was allowed by the Council to seek $6.75 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. In addition to the $6.6 million awarded to the city last year by the state fund, the City is now on the process of replacing approximately 12 miles of water pipes.

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After nearly a century of service, Malden’s water mains are in need of replacement. The city will use a cmbination of state funding and borrowing to cmplete the work.

The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to allow Mayor Richard Howard to seek up to $6.75 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for the purpose of replacing Malden’s water mains.

Last year, Malden was award $6.6 million by the state fund and is in the process of replacing six miles of water mains. An additional $6.7 million would allow Malden to replace approximately six to seven more miles.

Approximately 40 miles of Malden’s water mains were installed between 1900-1930, and some date as far back as 1890.

Department of Engineering, Planning, and Waterworks Director John Russell presented a section of a recently removed water main to the finance subcommittee. The pipe’s six-inch diameter had narrowed to approximately two inches due to rust, metal and detritus build-up that has accumulated over time.

The condition of the city’s water mains has caused some residents to experience inadequate water pressure, and insufficient water volume is a concern for the Malden Fire Department. Fire hydrants fed by problematic water mains are marked with black caps.


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Rusting of water pipes can happen anywhere. It could be in an office, apartment or home. To prevent the worst of it and the worst of rust formation on any surface, you must always be ready to implement a rust removal treatment.

And to make sure that your treatment is efficient, you will basically need an effective rust remover. Apart from effective, the product must be green so you can make the process safe for you and the others who will be exposed to it.

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Tips to Summer Kitchen Remodeling

Summer is probably the best time for kitchen remodeling or home remodeling in general. However, don’t be too excited and head off to hiring someone to get it done. That can easily have you nailed by home improvement scammers.

Sure, it’s great to have your kitchen done in no time. But, always remember that any home improvement project is not an easy feat. If you directly jump into it with knowing nothing, you can spend more time, effort and work than needed.

Take, for example, your kitchen fixtures, if you immediately purchase replacements without even checking the old ones, you could spend more money unnecessarily. If you can just repair and restore some of them with a rust removal product, then why replace it? With repairing them yourself, you can cut down your expenses.

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Who doesn’t salivate at the thought of a sparkling new kitchen or a luxurious new bathroom? But let’s get real about home improvements.

Committing to and then living through a renovation is another thing entirely. Taking on a home improvement is no small feat; it requires time, money and organization.

Here are five ways to keep any project, big or small, under control.

1. Prioritize: Clarity on priorities means that, when the inevitable budget-busting options are presented, you’ll know how to choose.

2. No “cookies”: There’s a marvelous children’s book called “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” which is about a boy who gives a cookie to a mouse, who in turn keeps asking for additional things.


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Kitchen remodeling requires a great deal of time, work and money. Nonetheless, there are ways to cut down the expenses and make the project easier and faster to finish.

One of the ways is repairing the rust damaged items yourself. With just a rust removal product, metal-based items can be restored fast and easy. And with, you can also save money.

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