Foodie Favorite Sunshine Cafe Closes Down Due To Rusty Kitchen

Rusting can happen quickly or slowly, depending on the material that’s rusting, and the environment. Rust is the oxidation of iron along with the absorption of water to make Fe2O3 with water molecules attached. Millions of dollars are lost each year because of corrosion. Much of this loss is due to the corrosion of iron and steel, although many other metals may corrode as well.

The problem with iron as well as many other metals is that the oxide formed by oxidation does not firmly adhere to the surface of the metal and flakes off easily causing “pitting”. Extensive pitting eventually causes structural weakness and disintegration of the metal. When rust forms on your kitchen faucet, whether from the presence of iron in the water or exposure to moisture and metal, its presence can compromise the faucet’s performance.

Although it’s best to be proactive when dealing with rust, you can fix rusted kitchen faucet pieces by tackling the rust head-on. By using a combination of commercial products and home remedies, you can successfully remove rust and restore your faucet to an effective working condition and an appearance that appeals to the eye.

For years now, Chicago “foodies” have flocked to the Sunshine Cafe, a Japanese restaurant at 5449 N. Clark. “A wonderful, homey place,” according to, whose members have also named it “one of Chicagoland’s Great Neighborhood Restaurants, 2010-12.” Members of the foodie website praised the small restaurant’s “perfect tempura . . . perfect bowl of Udon noodle soup . . . (and) fantastic sukiyaki, teriyaki, salmon.”

The Chicago Department of Public Health’s recent review of the Andersonville eatery had a different tone, however. In shutting down the eatery, the department noted that the restaurant had dirty food prep equipment, walls covered with grease, rusty shelving and dirty floors. “Dirty cloth curtains at both entrances to kitchen. Must clean,” reads the city’s report from a Dec. 8 inspection. There was also a “dirty food-encrusted slicer in basement on metal prep table . . . and, all walls throughout kitchen (were) dirty with grease, food splatter.”

The report also noted that all the shelving in the coolers was dirty, with rusty shelving throughout the kitchen and the rear dry storage area was dirty with grease, food debris. Sunshine Cafe’s license was suspended until it can pass reinspection. As of Friday it remained closed.

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Before you start having nightmares about rust stains, let’s slow down and think about this rationally. Everyone knows a supervillain always has a fatal weakness, and rust actually has a few that are natural and nontoxic. For some reasons, people need a lifestyle change as soon as they can manage.

If you want to enjoy a sustainable and better way of living, then you should do something now to make a difference. You should know that change must come from within and it should benefit not just your own self but also other people. And when it comes to the change the world needs as of the moment, it must involve the efforts of everyone or we’ll end up losing Mother Earth.

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