Rust Gone from Garden Shears in Seconds

Searching in her garage, Lenny was hunched in a corner looking for their garden shears. She will need it to trim her garden shrubs. It was just less than a week when she worked on them and now they’re again in need of trimming. But she doesn’t mind, she said. After all, gardening, in a […]

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Rusty Water Got Montgomery Residents Complaining

Residents of Boulder Hill, Montgomery in Chicago are in a predicament. For months now, they are getting rusty water supply after a well in the village pumping system malfunctioned. Having enough of it, they confronted the village officials about the problem. It was last November when Well 14 failed. To accommodate the water needs of […]

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Historic Preservation Group Works On Iconic Old Water Tower In Idaho

The preservation and renovation of historic properties is an important part of a sustainable, smart growth approach. The renovation of an historic property is often a starting point and anchor for the redevelopment of a block, street, or district. An historic building or district can be a tangible symbol of a community’s interest in honoring […]

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Foodie Favorite Sunshine Cafe Closes Down Due To Rusty Kitchen

Rusting can happen quickly or slowly, depending on the material that’s rusting, and the environment. Rust is the oxidation of iron along with the absorption of water to make Fe2O3 with water molecules attached.┬áMillions of dollars are lost each year because of corrosion. Much of this loss is due to the corrosion of iron and […]

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San Diego Water Pipe Ruptured Because of Rust

Water pipes are some of the most-prone things to rusting. And as they age, they become more and more vulnerable to corrosion and breaking away. And broke away is exactly what happened to one of San Diego’s water piping. Just last Wednesday, an 8-inch cast-iron pipe in the 6400 block of Celia Vista Drive ruptured. […]

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