Will the household "lime, calcium, rust remover" work to remove rust in a gas tank?

I have a badly rusted gas tank and need to remove the rust inside of it. Will this work? Will anything bad happen like will it eat the metal? Thanks!

Well, YES, it will eat the metal…not the good metal, but the old, rusty stuff….but if it’s already weakened, it may eat thru and leave a hole, which will happen soon anyway. Removing rust from an old gas tank is not to be taken lightly, because of the risk of a fire or explosion. The metal can absorb gas over time, and heating it or a spark could set off fumes left over. This is truly a job best left to trained professionals if possible.

Anyway, you’re dealing with a chemical that is not normally mixed with gasoline, so you would have to rinse it thoroughly to make sure none is left inside the tank.

Other methods done in the past to remove rust is to use a big chain and water ( to prevent sparks), if the tank has no dampener sections inside of it. Best way is to take it to a radiator shop, and have them professionally remove the rust via acid bath, then coat the inside with a special coating to prevent it from happening again.

I assume it’s an antique vehicle gas tank that is hard to find? Be careful, if you intend to work on it no matter what, take precautions *( fire extinguisher handy, friend over with phone to dial 911 if something BAD goes wrong ( as you will be roasting, and won’t be thinking about dialing a phone just yet )). Little things like that it’s good to be prepared for. 🙂

Anyway have fun with it.

– The Gremlin Guy –