Rusty Water Got Montgomery Residents Complaining

Residents of Boulder Hill, Montgomery in Chicago are in a predicament. For months now, they are getting rusty water supply after a well in the village pumping system malfunctioned. Having enough of it, they confronted the village officials about the problem.

It was last November when Well 14 failed. To accommodate the water needs of the affected residents, the flow of the water was changed. However, the pipes where the water had been directed were long not used and with rust deposits hence the rusty water problem.

During the Village Board meeting last Monday, residents blurted out their need to get the water issue resolved. Some of them even brought a sample of the rusty water they were getting for the trustees to examine.

On the other hand, Public Works official, Michael Pubentz, said that they are moving quicker to get well fixed.

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Angry residents are confronting village officials with complaints of children having their hair turn orange, clothing beginning to smell and possible health concerns caused by rusty water coming from village pipes.

For the past few months, rust has been a major topic in the Boulder Hill area after a well malfunctioned and the village started pumping water from other locations. Although the affected area is in the unincorporated Kendall County section of Boulder Hill, residents have a Montgomery address and receive water from the village.

Well 14, near the Foxmoor subdivision in Montgomery, broke down on Nov. 19. Officials immediately changed water direction from other wells to accommodate the needs of residents in the affected area served by the well. The rust is the result of change in water flow through pipes that have not been used recently, village officials said. Rust deposits on those pipes are the initial cause of the problem.


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