Rusted 40-year- old Light Post Must Come Down

The Luftin Independent School District board of trustees received the news that the 40 year-old light post at the Abe Martin Stadium must be repaired.

The news couldn’t come at the worse time since the board is facing a $1.4 budget deficit. Nevertheless, they have to make an urgent decision for the rusted light post is posing danger to people who are using the stadium.

Based on the cost estimate made, the board will be spending at least $ 350,000 for rust removal process. They might be looking for the best rust remover. The board also found out that the light post is not the only structure that is rusted, but also the handrails at the area where a concrete had fallen off.

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“Halyard said the sign must come down. The Sideliners Club and the school district will decide where to place the sign at a later date.

“To resolve the situation, Kingham said they would power wash the concrete, caulk joints, apply grout under the stands and put on a waterproof deck coat. They would also repair handrails that have rusted and areas where the concrete has fallen off, or spalled. The estimated cost is approximately $350,000.

“It’s not so much about aesthetics but about functionality,” Kingham said. “It will give the stadium a face lift, however, and make it impervious to water.”

School board president Trent Ashby said he would like to wait for a year before addressing the concrete situation at the stadium. That would put the district in a new budget cycle, and give the board the opportunity to budget such a large project rather than spending money from the bond project or out of the fund balance.

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Rust is an expected sight in a 40 year-old light post. However, no matter how old any rusted item is, it needs a treatment especially if it still got a specific function to fulfill.

And when doing the rust removal process, it is a necessity to use the right rust removal product.  That right product is basically the one that is eco friendly and non toxic. Aside from keeping you away from chemical risks, it also helps preserve the environment. What other kind of rust remover can be better than that?

Keep your rust treatment safe and effective. Get an organic rust removal product now!

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Rust Paralyses the US Air Force

TheThe Cadillac of Diesel Locomotives Air force may be the picture of steadfastness and resilience, but when rust invades their air crafts and missiles officers can only shake their heads and admit defeat.

Based on a report made by the Defense Department in 2009, the government spends $ 5.4 dollars every year in order to prevent and correct corrosion on air crafts and missiles.

Rust is a pesky parasite that attached itself on metals and feed on it until there is no life left to the host. Rust can attached itself to anything metal, if the item is left untreated, surely doom will follow. We all know that metal is quite an expensive material to buy, it’s just pity that if not taken cared of rust will eat it all away.

Rusting of metal is a natural occurrence. It is a product of oxidation when a metal is exposed to moisture. A natural phenomenon it may be, it can be very destructive that it can even paralyze the US Air Force. But removing rust can be an expensive work. However, leaving it untreated is a more costly mistake.

But if you are a victim of rust or should I say any of your metal item is, don’t fret. There are rust removers now available in the market. They cannot only save Air Force money by correcting rusted equipment but they can also give you a way to solve rust problems in a non-toxic and environment friendly way.

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A lot of the time it is questions about how they can do things faster and cheaper,” noted Senior Master Sgt. Scott Pagenkopf, the Air Force corrosion program manager. “We have the experience on almost anything out there.”

They have their hands full. A recent Defense Department study completed in 2009 showed that $5.4 billion are spent every year to prevent or correct corrosion on aircraft and missiles.
The current war in Southwest Asia is not making the job any easier. The sand, dust and salt air all take their toll.

“A study we did several years ago showed the sand over there to be more corrosive than the sand we find in our desert environment,” said Gutierrez. “The sand particles are much finer.”
The preferred sand-removal technique in the battle zone is vacuuming rather than washing. “If we mix that sand with water, it can create a worse corrosion environment,” she pointed out.
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Rust will always happen to metal. However with proper care, treatment and use of the right rust removal product, you can save your precious metal pieces. There are already a lot of rust removers in the market. Needless to say, the best is the product that is non-toxic and eco friendly.

Just imagine how many aircraft and missiles the Air Force can save and how much money you can cut from repairing your metal items if you pick the right rust remover. And think about the chemical-related illnesses it can save you and your family from.

Save your metal items now with an effective and safe rust remover.

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Rust Removal Products – The Benefits of Comparison

For rust removal to be effective, all of its requirements must be met. The absence of one, no matter how small it is, can negatively affect the result that the process can produce. However, among the many requirements, there are those that are more needed than the others. One of those that are really important is the rust removal product to be used.

The more important parts of rust removal are those that can greatly affect the outcome of the process. They are those that can a draw the line between the success and failure of the removal of rust. And as a rust remover can sure make the process either effective or ineffective, it can sure be included on the list of the most important requirements

However, it is not easy to pick the right rust removal product. So many rust removers are now available in the market. The big number of them plus their varying claims of effectiveness had made it confusing to choose the one to purchase.

But of course, there is something that you can do about it. You can make a comparison of all the products that you are considering. Sure, that’ll take more of your time. However, it’s all worth it as it can bring you numerous benefits. One in general is that with it, you will be able to determine the remover that is exactly what you need.

Nevertheless, among the specific benefits of comparing rust removal products are the following:

  • You will be able to identify the products that are within your budget. That will keep from spending beyond what you can afford for a rust remover. Apart from that financial help, in a way, it can also help narrow down your search which can help you save some time.

  • It will help you determine which product is safe to use. By comparing their components or ingredients, you will be able to know which one you should purchase that can help make the process safer for both you and the item that you will be treating.

  • Except those two, with comparing rust removers, you can also determine which one is more effective and more convenient for you to go for. You can base your assessment of each product according to how it is applied, how much is the content and how long will it take effect.

With these benefits, surely comparing rust removal products is a worthy extra step to take. Though it may require more of your time, it will repay you with the knowledge of which particular product is the best to purchase. And that is a big help in making the process truly effective.

Rust Removers – What Options Do You Have?

Rust removal products are important elements of rust removal. Implementing the process without is hard and it is longer to finish. And so, when countering the negative effects of rust, it would be best to equip yourself of an effective product.

Basically, a rust remover is special formula used to get rid of rust on metal items, fabrics and concrete surfaces. Actually, to some of those, it is not the rust that rust removal can remove. It is the stain that they leave as product of rusted metals coming into contact with them.

Scrubbing is a natural part of rust removal. That is the part that a rust remover can reduce making the whole process easier to finish. And of course, because it is easy to complete, it follows that it is also faster to finish. Actually, there are even products that can completely crush out the need for scrubbing. For example, rust removers such as rusterizer can get rid of rust stains within seconds of just applying with no scrubbing at all.

However, different rust circumstances call for different rust solutions. And so, the rust removal product that you may use may also differ except of course for recurring rust problems. You have to carefully choose the product for the rust removal in each of those circumstances.

There are benefits that you can have if you pick correctly the rust remover that you will use for the process. For one, the chance of the rust removal to become successful can be greatly increased. This also saves you money as you don’t have to replace the product that you will be using due the ineffectiveness of your first choice.

Well, sometimes, you can’t really blame yourself for making the wrong choice as there a number of rust removal products available in the market. So, it would be a great help to know what options you have and to familiarize yourself with them for a much better perception of what you have to purchase. And you options are:

  • Chemical-based – This type of rust removers are what you can see mostly in stores. They are the conventional rust removal products used and known by most homeowners. However, they are not your best choice as the chemicals used to produce them can be harmful to you, to the item you intend to treat and even to the environment.

  • Organic – The products under this are those that are made of green ingredients. The use of them adds no pollutants into the environment and does not endanger your health as they are of no chemical components. There are some that may contain chemicals but they are not harmful and not in big amount.

  • Home-Made – This type is the least expensive among your three options. To complete the rust removal with the use of them, all you will need are common kitchen ingredients as white vinegar, lemon juice and salt. When making concoctions and using them though, make sure you know what you are doing to avoid further damaging the items.

Questions and Answers to Rust Stain Removal


It is widely known that rust can greatly damage a metal item. To prevent that, rust removal is also known to be the process that must be implemented. However, apart from metal, rust can also damage fabrics and concrete surfaces. Is the same rust removal process will be needed to remedy the damages on them?

Basically, when rust damage metal items, it penetrates deep into them and weakens them. It can be said that rust eats away those metal items. On the other hand, its damages on fabrics and concrete surfaces are shallower. They are just stains and do not consume them.

And so, rust removal between metals and fabrics and concrete surfaces can be said to be different. The former is a rust removal process that goes deep into the metal surface while latter is more on just the physical side of pieces. Mainly, it is because on for the latter, what must be dealt with are just rust stains and not the rust itself.

But of course, that does not mean that less attention must be given to the rust removal on fabrics and concrete surfaces. Same thorough and effective process must be implemented on them. If not, the damages that you could bring on those can worsen just like in any rusted metal item.

To help you deal with stains brought by rust, here are some general rust removal tips in question and answer form that you can implement.

  • What type of fabric or surface had rust stain damaged?

There are many types of fabrics and there are many types of concrete surfaces. Most often, the care for each is different. To know the specific type of fabric and concrete surface will let you know of the specific care that you need to give. This prevents further damages that can be caused by inappropriate move to get rid of rust.

  • What is the extent of the damage?

To know how much damage did the rust cause will enable you to know how much of your rust removal product will be used to remove the stain. It will also let give you the idea of how much effort you need to exert to get the rust removal to work.

  • What are the rust removers that you can use to rectify the rust damage?

There are numerous rust removers in the market. Among those, there are some that are specifically made for fabric or for concrete surfaces. Know what those rust removal products are. Apart from that, identify which among those rust removers is the best for your fabric or concrete surface that had been damaged.

These questions and answers can serve as over all guides to rust stain removal on fabrics and concrete surfaces. With them, you will have a bigger chance of restoring had damaged with its stains.