Tips to Make Metal Items Survive the Winter

Winter is soon coming. And during that time, there will be many metal items that won’t be used for weeks or even months. If you allow those items to just stay idle for too long, corrosion could get the best of them.

Your bike and garden tools are examples of the things that often turn rusty over the winter. Given that moisture is almost everywhere especially with the presence of snow, rust formation is very hard to avoid. That doesn’t mean though that it is impossible.

With some steps, your metal items can survive the cold and moist winter. That also means that you prevent any unnecessary spending at the end of the season. But what are those steps that you must take?

Well, first off, make sure to hide your metal pieces in a cool dry place. Also, you need to check and clean them regularly to avoid even the smallest rust build-up to turn into a major corrosion.

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Winter is just around the corner, and many of your favorite toys will be sitting idle for months. You want to protect and repair your gear so it will be ready to go next spring.

Things with wheels and engines typically require the most attention because they can sustain serious and expensive damage during winter.

We talked to experts and got some good advice on how to winterize your gear.


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With winter comes a bigger possibility for many metal items to get rusty. With care and a trusted rust removal product though, rust formation can be prevented. But which rust remover should you get.

Among the many rust removal products in the market today, the one made of organic ingredients is the best that you can use. Apart from effectively treating rust, it can also keep you from chemical-related illnesses that you might get from conventional rust removal products.

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How Do You Implement Rust Removal on Concrete?

722693_f496There are a lot of things to which rust removal must be implemented. And basically, not just any implementation must be carried out. It must be made effective for those things to be protected from the ill effects of rust.

Contrary to popular belief, rust can damage not only metal items specifically metal equipments, tools and appliances. It can also damage clothes, curtains and anything made of fabric. Apart from those, it can also damage concrete surfaces. For example is the cement.

Walls and floors are the usual concrete surfaces that rust can damage. Basically, it could be the wall or the floor of any house part that can be rusted. Walls near the gutter or the floor under the metal item can be rusted with the help of moisture. Water leaks and condensation are often the source of that moisture.

Rust damages those concrete surfaces not by eating and weakening them. It does negatively affect those by staining. Though the damage it creates on those surfaces is quite subtle and different still, it is damage and can also be difficult to remove just like the rust on metal items. So just like treating the actual rust, the rust stain removal on concrete surfaces must also be effective.

But how do you implement a rust removal on concrete surfaces? Here are the steps.

  • Determine the type of concrete surface that had been rusted – A concrete surface can be made of cement or stone as marble and granite. Each of those requires a different treatment when rust stained. To know the type of surface that you will treat will help you determine the steps or product that is most appropriate to use in it. This way, you can avoid implementing a method and using a product that can be more damaging to the surface instead of being a help.

  • Look for sources of moisture – Rust is a product of moisture combining with iron. If you can prevent moisture from getting close to your metal items, therefore you can prevent rust development. Check the surrounding area for water sources that could be leaking going to your metal equipments and items. Fixed it to avoid future rust problems.

  • Prepare the Surface – This means you have to clean the rusted item or surface before starting the actual rust stain removal process. Remove rust flakes and dust.

  • Apply organic rust removal product – Use organic rust removal product and apply it on the rusted item or surface. Make sure to blot the rust remover directly on the rusted spot and not wipe it on the surface. If you can spray it, the better. There are rust removers that are sold in spray bottle so for easier application, you may want to consider going for them.

  • Dry the surface – After applying the product and rinsing the surface, see if rust remains and if you need to repeat the process. If not, make sure to dry your equipments before you get them back to where they are placed or stored.

Best Ways to Implement Rust Removal Process

dscf2549In the implementation of rust removal, at stake are metal equipments, appliances and basically, any metal item. Specifically, it’s their form and functions that are put at an edge. And so, it is but logical to say that rust removal process must be made effective in order for those things to be spared from the worse the rust can bring.

There are two general reasons why rust removal must be effectively implemented. For one, it can protect your metal properties from the negative effects of rust. Another reason is that as a process, it requires time, energy and money. If you can get the process to produce the desired result on the first implementation, you don’t have to repeat it which means no new set of resources will be needed.

To make the process effective, there are rust removal tips that can be implemented. They are all over the web that it wouldn’t be too hard to go looking for them. Apart from that, there are also other people who can offer help to get the process working effectively.

However, not all of those tips can be of help. Even those that work, not all of them are really recommended. Take for example the use of chemical-based rust removal products. Sure, they work and remove rust from different surfaces, be that metal, concrete or fabric. Nevertheless, they are harmful to human health and to the environment. And so, the use of them is not really the best way to remove rust in contrary to what others believe. Unless you know the best rust remover out there.

If utilizing rust removal products is not the best way to get rid of rust, what then is? Well, actually, the best way to remove rust is not just a single step but a series of it. So what are those steps?

  • Know the process – This has got to do with familiarizing yourself to the actual process of rust removal. That’s from preparing the rusted item or surface up to the drying of it. Getting to know to all the steps will generally help you implement the process correctly. Not to mention, that can also help speed up the process as getting it accurately implemented means you can avoid repeating the process.

  • Prefer organic rust removal products – As has been mentioned, chemical-rust removal products are not really good for human health and the environment. Therefore the best option for a remover is one made of organic ingredients. Those green products make the process safer and in the process more beneficial than their toxic-based counterparts.

  • Use product correctly – This step will ensure the effectiveness of the the organic rust removal product that you will be using. Subtasks under this include applying the product correctly and at the right amount. Correct application can make sure the product will directly penetrate the rusted spot. Although there is no overtreatment with green rust removers, still, applying just right amount will benefit as you don’t have to buy the solution every now and then which saves quite an amount of money.

Questions and Answers to Rust Stain Removal


It is widely known that rust can greatly damage a metal item. To prevent that, rust removal is also known to be the process that must be implemented. However, apart from metal, rust can also damage fabrics and concrete surfaces. Is the same rust removal process will be needed to remedy the damages on them?

Basically, when rust damage metal items, it penetrates deep into them and weakens them. It can be said that rust eats away those metal items. On the other hand, its damages on fabrics and concrete surfaces are shallower. They are just stains and do not consume them.

And so, rust removal between metals and fabrics and concrete surfaces can be said to be different. The former is a rust removal process that goes deep into the metal surface while latter is more on just the physical side of pieces. Mainly, it is because on for the latter, what must be dealt with are just rust stains and not the rust itself.

But of course, that does not mean that less attention must be given to the rust removal on fabrics and concrete surfaces. Same thorough and effective process must be implemented on them. If not, the damages that you could bring on those can worsen just like in any rusted metal item.

To help you deal with stains brought by rust, here are some general rust removal tips in question and answer form that you can implement.

  • What type of fabric or surface had rust stain damaged?

There are many types of fabrics and there are many types of concrete surfaces. Most often, the care for each is different. To know the specific type of fabric and concrete surface will let you know of the specific care that you need to give. This prevents further damages that can be caused by inappropriate move to get rid of rust.

  • What is the extent of the damage?

To know how much damage did the rust cause will enable you to know how much of your rust removal product will be used to remove the stain. It will also let give you the idea of how much effort you need to exert to get the rust removal to work.

  • What are the rust removers that you can use to rectify the rust damage?

There are numerous rust removers in the market. Among those, there are some that are specifically made for fabric or for concrete surfaces. Know what those rust removal products are. Apart from that, identify which among those rust removers is the best for your fabric or concrete surface that had been damaged.

These questions and answers can serve as over all guides to rust stain removal on fabrics and concrete surfaces. With them, you will have a bigger chance of restoring had damaged with its stains.

Rust Removal Advice – Don't Do What I Did

I have learned that there are somethings you can do and some things that you should leave up to the professionals. I have been noticing the side of the outside walls of my house were getting big dark orange spots on them and I could not  figure out where they were coming from. I didn’t know what they were so I figured I could use some bleach to remove them but I was totally wrong. I am giving you this rust removal advice because I don’t want you to have to go through what I had to do.

Since I didn’t know what these orange spots were I just decided that like everything else I could just use bleach and the orange stain would go away. Well I can tell you the only thing that went was the grass because the bleach did nothing to the orange stain and wiped out all of my grass in the area.

One day I was talking to a neighbor of mine and he said that the sprinklers do that to the wall and you have to paint over it but it isn’t worth it because the stains keep coming back. Apparently the well water that the sprinklers use has rust in it which was causing the walls to have big orange rust stains on them.

Rust Removal Tips

I looked for a person who was specialized in rust removal online and set up an appointment. The rust removal guy came over to my house and charged me a couple hundred bucks to do one wall. It took him like 30 minutes to do which I couldn’t believe. I asked him what he did and he said he was using a top notch rust remover.

As soon as the guy left I went online to check out the pricing of other rust removal guys in the area and came to a rust removal tips site where they told me what to do to get rid of the orange rust stains on the wall. I want you to know that I could of saved about $150.00 if I would of done this by myself but this is a lesson that I had to learn. All I needed to do was purchase a natural rust remover spray and it would of dissolved the rust without me having to scrub.

So my rust removal advice to you is if you have orange stains on the wall don’t do what I did and call a rust removal guy out to your house but better yet get yourself a good rust remover and take care of it yourself. With the money I could of saved I could of taken the wife and kids out to a nice dinner and movie!