Tips to Make Metal Items Survive the Winter

Winter is soon coming. And during that time, there will be many metal items that won’t be used for weeks or even months. If you allow those items to just stay idle for too long, corrosion could get the best of them.

Your bike and garden tools are examples of the things that often turn rusty over the winter. Given that moisture is almost everywhere especially with the presence of snow, rust formation is very hard to avoid. That doesn’t mean though that it is impossible.

With some steps, your metal items can survive the cold and moist winter. That also means that you prevent any unnecessary spending at the end of the season. But what are those steps that you must take?

Well, first off, make sure to hide your metal pieces in a cool dry place. Also, you need to check and clean them regularly to avoid even the smallest rust build-up to turn into a major corrosion.

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Winter is just around the corner, and many of your favorite toys will be sitting idle for months. You want to protect and repair your gear so it will be ready to go next spring.

Things with wheels and engines typically require the most attention because they can sustain serious and expensive damage during winter.

We talked to experts and got some good advice on how to winterize your gear.


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With winter comes a bigger possibility for many metal items to get rusty. With care and a trusted rust removal product though, rust formation can be prevented. But which rust remover should you get.

Among the many rust removal products in the market today, the one made of organic ingredients is the best that you can use. Apart from effectively treating rust, it can also keep you from chemical-related illnesses that you might get from conventional rust removal products.

Protect your metal items from rust during winter. Get Rusterizer today for an effective and safe rust treatment.

Rust Caused Palo Alto Gas Pipeline to Leak

Leaks in water systems are of often caused by corrosion or rust formation in the piping network. However, because moisture can be anywhere, even gas pipes can leak due to rusting. And that is exactly what happened in a gas transmission pipeline in Palo Alto.

The damaged pipeline is basically that of the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. It is the same one that exploded in San Bruno last year. The corrosion, though found on the outer wall, is what weakened the pipe and led to the leak.

The said leak, which was found during the pressure test last week, was just about a millimeter in size. However, it is a part of a larger, rounded corrosion pocket. And according to Kirk Johnson, vice president of gas transmission maintenance and construction for PG&E, small may the leak be, it caused some pretty serious loss of wall thickness to the pipe.

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The Pacific Gas and Electric Co. gas pipeline that sprang a leak during a pressure test last week in Palo Alto had corrosion on its outer wall, the company said Wednesday.

The transmission pipeline, the same one that exploded last year in San Bruno, was found to have a corrosion pocket 3/4 of an inch wide when the company located the leak under busy Page Mill Road, PG&E officials said.

The corrosion weakened the pipe and led to the leak, which occurred last Thursday when PG&E voided the pipeline of gas and filled it with high-pressure water to determine its strength, the company said.

That segment of the line, near Hanover Street west of El Camino Real, was last tested for external corrosion in 2009, said Kirk Johnson, vice president of gas transmission maintenance and construction for PG&E. No corrosion was found then, he said.


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Rust weakens metal. That in turn can weaken the entire structure or item and can cause accidents. Hence, even just a small sized-corrosion, rust removal must then be implemented once it’s spotted.

There are many rust removers that are now available in the market. However, whether you are just homeowner or rust contractor, just rust removal product won’t do you good for long. It may give you good results but those aren’t for a long period as with their chemical components they can cause problems to health.

So instead of chemical-based rust removal products, go for non-toxic rust removers as Rusterizer.

Protect metal items and surfaces from rusting. Implement an effective and safe rust removal process with Rusterizer.