Header Pipe Rust Removal & VHT Paint

My header pipe on my DRZ was looking a bit crusty (as they eventually do)
I decided to give it a bit of a clean up.
It was a quick job. I never even took the pipe off.

Must of only cost me around £20 to do all this.

High Temp Black Paint Stove BBQ (120ml, more than enough)
Hammerite Rust Remover Gel (100ml, more than enough)
Brush 1″ width

Duration : 0:2:53

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56 Chevy Bumper Extreme RUST Removal with StrongArm Penetrating Oil Spray

It’s a 55-56 Chevy Station Wagon bumper that the owner was about to spend over $500 to Re-Chrome. It was restored to a MIRROR finish with a nickels worth of StrongArm Penetrating Oil Spray! The bumper is cleaned one side at a time, and water is dumped on it to show how waterproof it is and the water runs off like on a ducks back. This bumper will be corrosion proofed for years on end in storage after this StrongArm Sprays simple one minute treatment. The bearing of the brush turns the corrosion into the fine grit rubbing compound with StrongArm Sprays penetrating into the surface instantly. See www.StrongArmSprays.Com for additional images on this and other videos..

Duration : 0:2:10

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rust removal slideshow of damage free rust remover

Duration : 0:9:35

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