Coast Guard Cutters Rusting Away

Moisture leads to rust formation. That’s a fact. And based on that, it’s pretty easy to conclude that rust is one of those that give the coast guard a lot of troubles that require them to have an effective rust remover. One, in particular, that is suffering from corrosion’s destructive effects is the US Coast Guard Cutter Bear. If only they know what’s the best rust remover to use.

Launched in 1980, the said ship was built to last for three decades. However, after just 21 years, it is already undergoing a $10 million worth of repair. And just to give it another 10 to 15 years, officials are counting on upgrades and repairs.

With all the damages that rust brings to the cutter, Cmdr. William Lane, commanding officer of the ship said that it was always a struggle for them to keep the boat fit for patrolling. The worse part is that Cutter Bear is not the only coast guard ship that needs rust treatment. With funds not yet available though, most of the cutters will have to wait longer to get fixed.

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Cmdr. William Lane climbs down a steep ladder deep within the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bear.

Stepping over a pipe with paint blistered and bubbled by rust, the commanding officer ducks into a narrow storage area beside the hull and shines a flashlight into a dark corner mottled with rust, the smell of corroded iron mingling with diesel fuel and saltwater.

“I’m not sure how far into the hull plating it goes,” Lane says as he peers into the void two feet below the cutter’s waterline.

No water can seep in now. The 270-foot Bear has been in dry-dock at the Coast Guard Yard here since October, where it is undergoing a $10 million overhaul scheduled to last until May. When it was launched in 1980, the first of a class of medium-endurance cutters (WMEC) designed for search-and-rescue and law enforcement, the Bear was built to last 30 years. Now officials are counting on repairs and upgrades to give it another 10, maybe 15, years on patrol from its base in Portsmouth, Va.


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