Malden’s Rusting Pipes Causing Inadequate Water Pressure and Insufficient Volume

Malden’s water mains is more or less a century old. And after a very long time of service, they are already rusting and essentially need replacements. It is time to use the best rust remover there is in the market.

The rust on the city water mains had basically narrowed the pipes’ diameter from six inches to two inches. As a result, residents had been experiencing inadequate water pressure and insufficient water volumes.

Sure, if the rusting is thin, a rust remover could have been enough to solve the problem and the city wouldn’t need too big of a funding. But with almost 4 inches of rust formation, replacement of the piping seems to be the most efficient solution.

To collect the money needed, the City Mayor, Richard Howard, was allowed by the Council to seek $6.75 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. In addition to the $6.6 million awarded to the city last year by the state fund, the City is now on the process of replacing approximately 12 miles of water pipes.

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After nearly a century of service, Malden’s water mains are in need of replacement. The city will use a cmbination of state funding and borrowing to cmplete the work.

The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to allow Mayor Richard Howard to seek up to $6.75 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for the purpose of replacing Malden’s water mains.

Last year, Malden was award $6.6 million by the state fund and is in the process of replacing six miles of water mains. An additional $6.7 million would allow Malden to replace approximately six to seven more miles.

Approximately 40 miles of Malden’s water mains were installed between 1900-1930, and some date as far back as 1890.

Department of Engineering, Planning, and Waterworks Director John Russell presented a section of a recently removed water main to the finance subcommittee. The pipe’s six-inch diameter had narrowed to approximately two inches due to rust, metal and detritus build-up that has accumulated over time.

The condition of the city’s water mains has caused some residents to experience inadequate water pressure, and insufficient water volume is a concern for the Malden Fire Department. Fire hydrants fed by problematic water mains are marked with black caps.


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