How Do You Implement Rust Removal on Concrete?

722693_f496There are a lot of things to which rust removal must be implemented. And basically, not just any implementation must be carried out. It must be made effective for those things to be protected from the ill effects of rust.

Contrary to popular belief, rust can damage not only metal items specifically metal equipments, tools and appliances. It can also damage clothes, curtains and anything made of fabric. Apart from those, it can also damage concrete surfaces. For example is the cement.

Walls and floors are the usual concrete surfaces that rust can damage. Basically, it could be the wall or the floor of any house part that can be rusted. Walls near the gutter or the floor under the metal item can be rusted with the help of moisture. Water leaks and condensation are often the source of that moisture.

Rust damages those concrete surfaces not by eating and weakening them. It does negatively affect those by staining. Though the damage it creates on those surfaces is quite subtle and different still, it is damage and can also be difficult to remove just like the rust on metal items. So just like treating the actual rust, the rust stain removal on concrete surfaces must also be effective.

But how do you implement a rust removal on concrete surfaces? Here are the steps.

  • Determine the type of concrete surface that had been rusted – A concrete surface can be made of cement or stone as marble and granite. Each of those requires a different treatment when rust stained. To know the type of surface that you will treat will help you determine the steps or product that is most appropriate to use in it. This way, you can avoid implementing a method and using a product that can be more damaging to the surface instead of being a help.

  • Look for sources of moisture – Rust is a product of moisture combining with iron. If you can prevent moisture from getting close to your metal items, therefore you can prevent rust development. Check the surrounding area for water sources that could be leaking going to your metal equipments and items. Fixed it to avoid future rust problems.

  • Prepare the Surface – This means you have to clean the rusted item or surface before starting the actual rust stain removal process. Remove rust flakes and dust.

  • Apply organic rust removal product – Use organic rust removal product and apply it on the rusted item or surface. Make sure to blot the rust remover directly on the rusted spot and not wipe it on the surface. If you can spray it, the better. There are rust removers that are sold in spray bottle so for easier application, you may want to consider going for them.

  • Dry the surface – After applying the product and rinsing the surface, see if rust remains and if you need to repeat the process. If not, make sure to dry your equipments before you get them back to where they are placed or stored.