Historic Preservation Group Works On Iconic Old Water Tower In Idaho

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A historic preservation group is working to save an old water tower in the southern Idaho community of Rupert, where local government officials have their doubts as rusted chunks of metal fall from the structure to the nearby ground.

The Times-News reports Earl Corless is with the city’s Historic Preservation Commission and says the tower is a tourist attraction and iconic landmark worthy of preservation. Corless says one option may be to slap a new coat of paint on the structure.

The commission met Tuesday with the Rupert City Council to discuss the fate of the tower and the group conceded the structure may be beyond repair. Councilman James Bowers says he is concerned about the city’s liability concerning the rusting structure, which is covered in lead-based paint.

Read more about S. Idaho town ponders fate of old water tower at: TheRepublic.com

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