Corrosion in Pipe Led to Falling and Suing

Antonio Marco Torres is an industrial worker. However, on May 24, 2011, he met an accident that he related to a corroded underground piping. For that, he filed a lawsuit on December 7 against the Eastman Chemical to which he worked for when the incident occurred.

In the suit, it was stated that Torres was about to retrieve his working tools when the ground underneath him collapsed. It is said that the corroded underground piping that remained unrepaired caused the ground to give in.

For that, Torres accused Eastman Co for negligence. Particularly, he accused the company for failing to provide him proper assistance and equipment for the job, failing to provide a safe working place, failing to implement procedures that would protect him and other workers and failing to monitor the condition of the place he was assigned to work.

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An industrial worker has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Eastman Chemical that claims an underground pipe caused the ground to give away and resulted in his falling into a hole.

Antonio Marco Torres filed suit against Eastman Chemical Co. on Dec. 7 in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. His wife, Estella, is also a plaintiff.

The incident occurred on May 24 while Torres was working for Gregg Industries Insulators. He and his co-workers were instructed to repair a steam leak near a room on the grounds of the Eastman Chemical Co. plant in Longview. The suit states Torres was walking back to his work truck to retrieve tools, the ground underneath him collapsed, which caused him fall into a hole.


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