Tiny Rust Spots Put Liberty Ship Model in Jeopardy

The turning-20-year-old Liberty ship model in Brunswick (Mary Ross Waterfront Park) is being laid on the line due to old age. Rust spots, wears and tears proved that the 22-foot model needs repair.

Because of the historical significance of Liberty ships, the model needs to be well-taken care of. The tiny spots of rust present might spread and eat up the whole stuff. Goodness, there is now a reliable rust remover that could save the historical figure and projects its worth for its 20th year. Could this be the best rust remover out there?

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The Liberty ship model at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick turns 20-years old this month and is in need of a touch-up.

The elements and handling by admirers have caused some wear and tear to the 22-foot model, which has been on display for past 15 years at the city park.

“Some of the rigging on it needs to be redone and some rust spots need to be taken care of,” said Arlie McNeill, a member of the Golden Isles Council of the U.S. Navy League.

“You see, people let their kids get up here when they take their photos and it messes up the rigging. Still, for being out here all this time, it’s held up pretty well. We haven’t had much problem with it.” McNeill chaired the model’s construction committee and was reviewing records of it when he realized the 20th anniversary of its creation is Aug. 23. He checked its condition and noticed it needed repairs.

McNeill keeps an eye on the model after the original, which was used by welders in the 1940s to help build Liberty ships, was lost.

Liberty ships were built in Brunswick between 1942 and 1944 and were set at sea in convoys to transport goods and munitions to Europe during World War II. Ninety-nine of the ships were built here before the end of the war, with the model called the 100th ship, McNeill said.


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Rust Closes 50- year-old Lake Street Bridge in Elmira

The 50-year- old Lake Street Bridge in Elmira has been closed for traffic for more than five months already. Based from the routine inspection conducted, the steelworks supporting the structure is eaten by rust and need a rust remover.

According to the City Council, they need roughly $2 million dollars to fix the bridge. Moreover, an additional $ 1 million is needed for the amortized interest spread in 20 years. It’s quite a sum, reason for the delay of the repair of the bridge. If only they have knowledge about the best rust remover.

However, the Friends of the Lake Street Bridge is urging the City Council to fix the bridge the soonest time possible. They are worried that the bridge might remain closed forever.

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“The state Department of Transportation conducted a regularly scheduled inspection Monday of the Lake Street Bridge in Elmira that has been closed for more than five months.”

“In explaining the bridge’s problems in an Aug. 3 memo to City Council members, Burin cited an engineer’s report outlining issues, including holes in diaphragms that support the structural deck, joints that are misaligned and leak, rusted bearings that support structural steel, rusted downspouts that allow water to drain onto structural steel, deteriorated primary structural steel members and heavily rusted utility supports.

It would cost about $2 million to fix the bridge so it could be used by vehicular traffic, plus an additional $1 million in interest amortized over 20 years, Burin said.

However, the Friends of the Lake Street Bridge, a group that opposes closing the span to vehicular traffic, has urged City Council to fix the bridge.”


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Rust is a telltale sign of the wear and tear of any steel structure. However, in the case of Lake Street Bridge, the presence of rust is not a good reason to resign the structure. The City Council of Elmira just need the right rust removal product to restore the bridge back to life.

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Elementary School to Spend an Exaggerated Amount for Rust Damages

You can’t just imagine how rust has eaten up the parts of Elk Elementary’s indoor pool. The damage caused by rust for many years was decided to undergo renovation that is to be spent with $631,000!

The rust has accumulated chlorine buildup and has eaten the main door and the steel roof. The budget for renovation isn’t a joke. It couldn’t have gone that worse if only the school’s maintenance paid more attention to the early emergence of rusts. They could have saved more if the rusts were immediately suppressed from scattering throughout the indoor pool.

Think how much the school could possibly save now that the most effective and eco-friendly rust remover solutions are already out. No worries for the school board and for the parents because Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor –voted as number one- have been providing 100% toxic-free rust remover solutions for years. Ever since, both Rusterizer and Rusterizer Armor are safe for everyone and friendly to the environment.

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The school board recently voted to spend $631,000 for renovations to the school system’s only pool.

With the help of Kanawha County legislators, Bradley obtained $75,000 through a state community partnership grant.

This is the first major work done on the pool since it and the school were built in 1980.

Workers contracted by Oval Construction Management Services started working on the pool this week and were setting up scaffolding on Tuesday.

They will use the scaffolding to remove rust that has accumulated on the ceiling and doors.

It had gotten so bad that fallen flakes of rust had to be skimmed from the pool each day before students could get into the water.

Rust has eaten through one of the double doors that serve as the main entrance to the pool. Rust continued to fall from the ceiling as crews started dismantling the ventilation system and ductwork.


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Want to Boost Your Profit? Know Why 8 Out of 10 Homeowners Prefer Green Rust Treatment

Rust is an all-year-problem. Any month, any day and any time it can appear and cause damage to any item or surface. However, unlike before, more homeowners now prefer the green treatment over the chemical-based. If you are a rust removal contractor, that’s something to seriously consider for bigger profits.

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